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Sweet and Simple. A step-by-step guide to creating simple syrup and ways to enjoy them.

With The Temperatures on the rise many people come to ask me, "Taryn, I love your tea but what do you do with all this loose leaf tea in the summer?"

Outside of the obvious options, sun tea, iced tea, etc. there are many other ways to utilize our delightful botanical blends. One of my favorites is as easy as it is delicious- simple syrup.

The craft beverage industry is rapidly growing and many people have donned a new interest in simple syrups due to the rise of craft cocktails but there are many other delightful uses for simple syrups.

I enjoy simple syrups in my iced tea for a touch of flavor, over crushed ice for a summer snow cone-style treat for my children, mixed with soda water as a healthier, home-made soda option, and mixed with my fresh lemonade. Simple syrup is also a tasty addition to fruit salads, or over pound cake.

Not only is it delicious and versatile it is super SIMPLE to make (we love stating the obvious). Featured here is our Lavender Vanilla Syrup.

How to make (most) simple syrups:


3 cups water

3 cups sugar (I tend to use organic raw can sugar but you can use demerara sugar if I want it a touch less sweet)

1/3 cup lavender (or your choice of botanicals. Keep in mind some plants, like black tea for example, are high in tannins and you do not want to over steep them because they will become bitter)

1) Boil water and steep botanicals- I steeped the lavender for about 10 minutes to ensure the earthy and bitter properties shone through the sweetness

2) Strain out plant matter

3) Measure tea and combine with equal parts sugar.

4) Place in a heat safe glass jar and seal. If you use distilled water it will last longer but tradionally it is suggested to only keep it for 2 weeks.

Half the fun of making these syrups are coming up with your own flavor combinations and uses. Please comment below with your own creations or syrups you make from one of our teas.

Happy Steeping!

-The Bitter Witch

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