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Bitter Witch Brews was proud to attend the 2022 World Tea Convention. We are honored to have spent three days learning from the leaders in our industry and can not wait to bring you, our community, the new knowledge and products we have brought back with us.

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Some of my earliest memories as a little girl was digging through my mama's spice cabinet. It might have been 12x12 but, to me it was infinite. The closest thing to magic I ever knew. I would mix my potions of rosemary, thyme, powdered sugar and meat tenderizer and I would carefully bring them to her in a rattling coffee cup, placed on our finest dish, diligently held in two hands.

With each fake sip and strained "Mmmm." I would giggle and tell her she was now going to be a frog or sleep forever. But, I also waited in anxious anticipation for the day I came up with something amazing. The time she brought the cup to her nose and inhaled deeply.

Eventually, I moved to North Carolina and my grandmother had me work along side her in her gardens. She taught me there were at least 13 types of mint I had never heard of and one tasted like chocolate, another like lemons. As my herbal knowledge expanded my desire to make delicious teas and concoctions began to grow-like a weed you may say. 

All these years later, every cup I bring to my mother she sips deeply and now she is the one that waits in anticipation for my newest creations. Bitter Witch Brews is my magic and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to bring it to you.